Jillee Parker is a pop/hip hop artist based in Nashville, TN. Her music can reflect a multitude of genres including soul, dance, and r&b. While her songs vary in style, she is consistent in her use of word play and contradictions. She constantly showcases powerful music with a weakness. One song may swing drastically from a sharp rap of indifference and deceit, to a sweet melody of desire and loyalty. Often her songs are deceiving, the contradiction lies between the melody/delivery and the lyrics. However the love-hate theme remains in all that she does. Jillee's music elicits an emotional response, because you feel the story just as much as you hear it. 


The Rise of A Young King:

Jillee is from Bristol, Rhode Island. She went to Howard University for her undergraduate degree in human development, as well as her Masters' in Education. She was the 2x captain of the HU division 1 Lacrosse team. She was ranked 14th nationally her junior year, and her sustained injuries caused her to reassess her future. That is when she ultimately realized that music and directing were her true passions.