Jillee Parker

Singer | Songwriter | Performer | Director



     Jillee Parker is a pop/hip hop artist and director/producer based in Miami, FL. 

Her music can reflect a multitude of genres including hip hop, pop, and r&b soul. While her songs vary in style, she is consistent in her use of word play and contradictions. Her creations tend to deceive a listener into thinking the song it is about something else entirely.

By transforming her voice and flow from hype and bright to melodic and broody, she is able to showcase her ability to relay emotion in its most raw form. Her music is always  centered around love and she is able to look at love from every angle, keeping her listeners surprised and her shows theatrical and entertaining.

Jillee balances life between music and music video creation believing music should be heard and seen in order to be felt as well as understood. Thus the story lines in her videos are often depicted to the extreme of the thought relayed in her songs.

Jillee now collaborates with acclaimed sound designer/artist, Draydel, and the pair are soon to release their first album in 2K19, MADNESS 2 MAGIC. This album features the best of both artists with their blend of EDM, Hip Hop and Pop music.  

Jillee Parker X Draydel have been involved in commercial jingles and most recently created the theme song for Bang Energy, ‘Go Out With A Bang’ 

*Tour gear is now AVAILABLE on their  Instagram

         @ madnesstomagik  

The Rise:

Jillian Lee Parker is from Bristol, Rhode Island. Sports and animals were her focus and passion, though singing had always gripped her heart. As a young child she was making up songs on swing sets and loved remixing Eminem and Usher as a young teen.

Jillee went on to receive full athletic scholarships at Presbyterian College, and later, Howard University for her undergraduate degree in human development and Masters' in Education. Jillee was the 2x captain of the HU division 1 Lacrosse team and ranked 14th nationally her junior year. As 12 years of non-stop injuries were catching up to her, she was forced to reassess her future in athletics. That is when she ultimately realized that music and directing were her true passions. Howard gave her a voice and supported her raspy tunes and ultimate career shift. She later gained controversial attention for her first video, Mr. Football, which flooded the HBCU and DC circuit and led to her being featured on Arise News, NY . She moved to Nashville with $4 and lived in a retirement home to fully invest in her work creating several elaborate videos by herself. She linked with Draydel in 2K14 and they created ‘Demons’ to which Jillee created one of her most artistic videos. This was the beginning. Draydel moved to Nashville with ‘Leboomin’ and the pair began performing M2M. They then remixed all of the songs upon their move back to Miami. Now Jillee and Dray tour the country and have included a variety of talent to their show, such as dancers of all kinds and hula hoopers. Their show is a happy blend of a concert, festival, theatre and circus. And you will always see them circle back to their favorite Wynwood, Miami.